Ways to dramatically improve your yard

As another hot summer in Victoria approaches, your yard eagerly awaits some love and attention. You have two options: abandon it to a solar beating from the summer sun, or improve your yard for a sunny season of family fun. Whether you lack the time or the effort to accomplish visions of landscaping grandeur, Victoria landscaping company, Garden Culture Victoria, can help you customize your outdoor living space. Here are three ways you can dramatically improve your yard with Victoria landscaping professionals working for you.

Decks & Patios

Adding a deck or patio to your yard is like creating an additional room outdoors for entertaining or relaxing. Host birthdays, barbecues, dinner parties, and game days, or enjoy some much needed quiet time to yourself with a good book. No matter how much space you have to work with, Garden Culture Victoria can build you a customized, durable deck with hand-selected materials, reinforced support and framing. With all woodwork backed by a 5-year warranty, a new deck can turn a forgettable yard into unforgettable family fun.


Add elegance and lasting beauty to your landscape with paths, patios, waterfalls, and stonework. Accentuate other landscaping features, increase accessibility around your yard, and compliment the aesthetic of your house with an agreed-upon plan from Garden Culture Victoria. Stones are hand-selected for type, thickness and size. Sidewalks and stone patios feature a steel-reinforced concrete slab then masonry sand and Portland cement mixture is smoothed into the area. Once the rock is mortared and cleaned, Garden Culture Victoria professionals acid wash away any sign of construction. With all rock work guaranteed for two years, stonework can turn a bare yard into a brilliant one. Image result for Hedge


  Hedges can create a great border and framing for your garden. Not only are they robust but they are easy to maintain not only the plant themselves but the ground under them. You can customise you look by adding flowering hedges to bring some color to your yard. Try to avoid planting varieties of hedges that drop flowers or leaves as they can create a nightmare when it comes to trying to keep footpaths and driveways clear of debris. Visit the Sunshine Coast Tree Lopping website for more information on the best hedge for your situation using their easy to use hedge selection chart.  

Water Features

Water features can be small, off the shelf elements to perfectly customized ponds, fountains, and waterfalls. Ponds add an exquisite natural element to any number of landscapes and environments, and provide a perfect place to populate with plants and fish. Fountains provide the restful ambience of a mountain stream or add personality to an otherwise dull space with a downward fall, rising jet, or combination of the two. Waterfalls are designed to customize-fit your property with just about any material you can imagine. They use very little water, are energy efficient, and cost very little to maintain throughout the summer. Turn your backyard into a serene environment with a single long fall, or multi-tier aquatic wonder.    


Four benefits of an automated sprinkler system

It is one of the biggest drudgeries of a homeowner: dragging out the garden hose and sprinkler in the hopes of spreading life-giving water to your desperate plants and grass. It might not be too big of a deal if it was a one-time occurrence, but to evenly water your entire lawn, you have to move the sprinkler every half an hour, retest the pressure from the spigot and get soaked again in the process. Believe it or not, there are easier, more environmentally friendly and cost-effective ways of having a lawn and garden you can be proud of. Automated sprinkler systems take the hassle out of lawn care. Here are some of the benefits: 1.Automated sprinkler systems are efficient One of the biggest problems with watering your lawn on your own is the amount of time it takes to set up and reset your sprinkler. Even if you are able to run multiple sprinklers at a time, it is unlikely that your lawn will receive an even watering. After installation, automated sprinklers require no maintenance and you don't even need to be home when your lawn gets watered. 2.Automated sprinklers are simple You no longer have to worry about under or overwatering your lawn. You can set your sprinkler system to customize the exact amount of water needed for each section of your lawn to make sure every plant is perfectly watered. It is as easy as set and forget. 3.Automated sprinklers are a great value TIme is money. When you consider the time, effort, and worry that you dedicate to making your lawn look its best, automated sprinklers offer a real value. Additionally, with the precision nozzle and automatic on-off control of an automated sprinkler, you won't overwater your lawn. The money you save in terms of maintenance time, replacement, and the need for chemicals can make a huge difference in your monthly budget.
4. Automated sprinklers are environmentally friendly Automated sprinklers nozzle water at a slow, even pace which maximizes soak-in, preventing run-off. The nozzles also apply water evenly, which prevents brown spots and avoids wasting water on walkways and up against walls. Additionally, controllers are smart and feature rain sensor capabilities which prevent unnecessary watering on days when it rains. Additionally, systems can be set to feature no water days as well as seasonal adjustments. Garden Culture Victoriacan recommend an automated sprinkler system that will blend practicality and economy with fabulous results. All systems have a 3-year parts and labor warranty. Some components will have a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer which they will honor 100%. Your landscape reflects the pride you have for your home. Setting up an automated sprinkler system is the easiest way to make your lawn look and stay beautiful. Get a free quote for a sprinkler system work from Garden Culture Victoria. They guarantee quality and service at competitive prices.

Victoria landscaping

Garden Culture Victoria,  is a flourishing landscaping company that specializes in modern landscape design and construction. People usually think that they know everything about gardens and their designing but in actual it is a long procedure that not only consumes a lot of time but money also. They feel there is nothing to know about the garden design even a child can do it. People who actually don't consider landscaping as essential usually don't try this new concept. Garden Culture Victoria has become a craze nowadays. People have renovated their property and converted it into a lovely place to live in. A garden designer helps you out with designs and create something very special for you. In Victoria, Australia there are certain building codes that must be followed while building or renovating a commercial or a residential area. The emphasis is on garden design because gardens as well as the landscape services make the environment a better place for people residing or working around. It keeps people safe and sound from the hazardous pollution, maintains aesthetic beauty and altogether protects the environment in a lovely and beautiful manner. Garden Culture is a Victoria landscaping service that is totally focused on building, preserving a pioneering future . The company provides specialized services that comprises of structural as well as cost effective paving solutions, pool installation, raised planter boxes and garden beds for emphasizing and protecting the structural retaining walls and the wall shield, lighting and flooring of the exteriors, incorporate an outdoor BBQ, Maintenance of horticulture, installation of water walls, ponds and prefabricated parts, total development of garden, planting, irrigation, beautiful fencing and the total management of the assigned project.
Garden Culture Victoria has flourished with time as a result of the continued growth of landscape companies. But before you opt for a company you must look through each and every aspect such as the after services, working culture and the success rate. With time envision has come up with flourishing and successful maintenance division. The prices and packages for horticulture are provides to the clients on their request and you can ensure that there will be no locks in the contract. Garden Culture Victoria has a pride and privilege of enjoying all the modernity and beauty. You just have to think and give us a brief the rest depend on us. We will provide you with the best designs and the output will be loved by you as well as everybody who comes and visits you.